Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Surfing Vacation in Cape Bakaro

For some adventurous surfers, Cape Bakaro is the name of a place in West Papua which they really need to see. Located just 20 minutes by motorized vehicles from the downtown, Cape Bakaro is a must see place for experienced surfers. The waves here are always big all year round. The contour of sea bed and the flow of water that goes in and out of Dorey bay always deliver big swells to the cape.

Some surfers from SurfExplore team spent two weeks riding the waves of Manokwari coastal area between February and March 2013. When they arrived at the cape, they said that it is only for intermediate to advanced surfers. For beginning surf learners, the nearby Abasi beach or other coastal areas in the north and south of Manokwari city are highly recommended.
The best time to enjoy surfing is in the mornings when there is only light or no wind. Barrel waves that are formed by the swells will lift the surfers taking off with their surfboards. The internet connection is available in the area enabling surf enthusiasts to check swell forecast for the next morning.
There are hotels in Manokwari that tourists can choose for staying. Surfers can also stay at the villagers' houses in Abasi beach.
Abasi Klub Surfing
Abasi Klub Surfing is a small club that is now trying to promote surfing as a healthy sport in Manokwari. Members of the club will be happy to help you while traveling in Manokwari. Before you come, please contact

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