Senin, 25 Februari 2013

International Surfers in Manokwari

This week Abasi Klub Surfing is happy to receive an international team from World Class surfers. The team consists of 4 experienced surfers and 1 leading surf photographer coming from 4 countries Italy, the United States, Brasil, Japan. During their surfing trips in Manokwari (24 Feb-8 March 2013), they share their techniques with local Papuan boys who are eager to learn more skills from them. Young surfers from the Abasi Klub Surfing are eager to learn new things from these international surfers.
We hope that our young Papuan surfers will improve their techniques while standing on boards playing with the "waves of the Pacific Ocean." Manokwari has not been famous as a must visit destination for surfers. With the presence of the international surfing team in this city, we believe that in the near future, we will see more surfers coming to Manokwari. 
As a matter of fact, Manokwari is not only a recommended destination for surfing but also for various adventure activities. Thousands for visitors have come to Manokwari to watch lesser birds of paradise,  western parotia, and the bower bird, or to enjoy trekking and camping in Arfak mountains. The Dore bay of Manokwari has got several sites that are covered with coral reef. Colorful corals, and ornamental fish can be seen when tourists enjoy snorkeling in Manokwari. We can prepare an interesting tour package or tour programs for you. Please, contact before traveling to Manokwari. 

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