Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Surfing Lesson at Abasi Beach

A Papuan boy was watching how
Alberto L. Castro, a world class surfer, showed his turn technique
The arrival of some world class surfers in Manokwari brings a rare opportunity for local surfers to learn new surfing techniques. On the following picture, we can see a Papuan boy was sitting on his surfboard while watching Alberto L. Castro, one of the surfers  from Brazil "played with the waves."
For local surfers at Abasi beach of Manokwari, the swift turning at a steep wave slope that creates a lot of water spray in the air is a new thing that they have never tried. After watching this "free surfing lesson," the local children tried to imitate it. Unfortunately, they could not achieve the same effect. Local Papuan surfers said that they would practice such techniques every day until they can get similar result.
The Abasi Klub Surfing expects more international surfers to come to Manokwari to "share their waves" with them. Surfing is relatively a new sports in Manokwari. Very few Papuan know how to surf. With the establishment Abasi Klub Surfing in Manokwari, we hope that in the near future, more people will consider and take up surfing as their sports too. For further information about surfing trips in Manokwari, please contact:

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