Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Surfing in West Papua

by Charles Roring
Last week a group of international surfers from 4 countries went surfing at Pinto Angin in Cape Bakaro of Manokwari city. This is one of the best surfing sites in Manokwari for experienced surfers. These surfers were from SurfExplore team. They have been exploring sites in West Papua that are suitable for surfing. They consider Cape Bakaro - just 30 minutes from the downtown as a recommended place for world class surfers.
Manokwari is relatively an unknown destination for surfers. The presence of SurfExplore team will boost its position as an alternative site for adventure travelers beside the long established surf sites in Kuta Bali and Mentawai, in Western Coast of Sumatra island. The following photograph shows Hayato Maki, a Japanese surfer, who has got lots of global experience, riding the big waves of Pinto Angin in Cape Bakaro.
Hayato Maki was surfing at at Pinto Angin of Manokwari city
The nearby Abasi beach is considered as a site with waves moving to the left. Coral reef just behind the waves of Abasi beach is still in pristine condition. Surfers and other beach goers can go snorkeling by outrigger canoes that are paddled by local Papuan boys. Various species of fish such as the butterfly fish and surgeon fish live in the waters of Abasi beach.
There are a lot of surf spots in Manokwari that you can explore with members of the club. Please, contact us by e-mail to if you plan to go surfing in Manokwari of West Papua

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