Selasa, 09 April 2013

Pinto Angin

Long time photographer and surf writer John Callahan has just published an article about SurfExplore trip in Pinto Angin of Manokwari city. It is published on, a famous website that is visited by tens of thousands of readers every month.
Pinto Angin is a spot in the eastern tip of Dore bay - around 20 minutes by car from Manokwari city. Pintu Angin is always exposed to high swells coming from the Pacific ocean. Pinto Angin means the Gate of the Winds. It  is part of  Cape Bakaro. The following picture shows how a Japanese surfer, Hayato Maki, was riding the waves of Pinto Angin during a sunset time. The sunlight coming from the west create a contract look of the photograph.
Please, contact us by email to if you plan to visit Manokwari for surfing at Pinto Angin, the nearby Abasi beach or other places in this regency.

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