Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

World Class Surfers in Manokwari

by Charles Roring
As the sun approached the west, some surfers swam to the sea. Today the weather was a little bit better than the previous days. There were not many people at the beach because it was Wednesday - the usual working day for dwellers of Manokwari city. I saw 4 people floating with their boards in the middle of big swells. It was the most dangerous place in Manokwari where wave height could reach six meters or even more. But for those world class wave surfers that was the best place to "ride" their boards. 
One of them was Hayato Maki. He made swift top turn several times avoiding the breaking swell. Some women screamed when they saw the surfers were swallowed by the waves. Seconds later, they emerged again still challenging the next swells. 
It was a great show. Members of Abasi Klub Surfing have been accompanying these surfers for days trying to put Manokwari into the map of international surfers as a must see destination. Papuan children who were watching them say that they learn a lot of new techniques from these professional surfers. We really hope that more visitors will come to Manokwari after the trip of these surfers. If you are interested in traveling to Manokwari to enjoy wave surfing, please, contact Salo by email to abasiklubsurfing@gmail.com. 

Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Surfing Lesson at Abasi Beach

A Papuan boy was watching how
Alberto L. Castro, a world class surfer, showed his turn technique
The arrival of some world class surfers in Manokwari brings a rare opportunity for local surfers to learn new surfing techniques. On the following picture, we can see a Papuan boy was sitting on his surfboard while watching Alberto L. Castro, one of the surfers  from Brazil "played with the waves."
For local surfers at Abasi beach of Manokwari, the swift turning at a steep wave slope that creates a lot of water spray in the air is a new thing that they have never tried. After watching this "free surfing lesson," the local children tried to imitate it. Unfortunately, they could not achieve the same effect. Local Papuan surfers said that they would practice such techniques every day until they can get similar result.
The Abasi Klub Surfing expects more international surfers to come to Manokwari to "share their waves" with them. Surfing is relatively a new sports in Manokwari. Very few Papuan know how to surf. With the establishment Abasi Klub Surfing in Manokwari, we hope that in the near future, more people will consider and take up surfing as their sports too. For further information about surfing trips in Manokwari, please contact: abasiklubsurfing@gmail.com

Senin, 25 Februari 2013

International Surfers in Manokwari

This week Abasi Klub Surfing is happy to receive an international team from World Class surfers. The team consists of 4 experienced surfers and 1 leading surf photographer coming from 4 countries Italy, the United States, Brasil, Japan. During their surfing trips in Manokwari (24 Feb-8 March 2013), they share their techniques with local Papuan boys who are eager to learn more skills from them. Young surfers from the Abasi Klub Surfing are eager to learn new things from these international surfers.
We hope that our young Papuan surfers will improve their techniques while standing on boards playing with the "waves of the Pacific Ocean." Manokwari has not been famous as a must visit destination for surfers. With the presence of the international surfing team in this city, we believe that in the near future, we will see more surfers coming to Manokwari. 
As a matter of fact, Manokwari is not only a recommended destination for surfing but also for various adventure activities. Thousands for visitors have come to Manokwari to watch lesser birds of paradise,  western parotia, and the bower bird, or to enjoy trekking and camping in Arfak mountains. The Dore bay of Manokwari has got several sites that are covered with coral reef. Colorful corals, and ornamental fish can be seen when tourists enjoy snorkeling in Manokwari. We can prepare an interesting tour package or tour programs for you. Please, contact abasiklubsurfing@gmail.com before traveling to Manokwari. 

Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Wave Surfing in Manokwari

The coast of Manokwari regency is a great place for travelers who want to enjoy surfing. There are several surfing spots in the east, north and south of the regency. During the West Monsoon (December to March), strong winds hit the north coast of Manokwari creating tunnel waves in the mornings. For beginning wave-surfers, the recommended place is Pinto Angin (the gate of the winds) - according to John Callahan. The right spelling should be Pintu Angin (wind gate). Please, watch the following videos which show how boys stand on their surfboards 'playing with the waves.'
Hayato Maki was surfing at Pinto Angin of Manokwari city - West Papua

Manokwari also has got a place where waves are big all year round. Avid surfers should come to try it.
Other tourist attractions
In addition to surfing, travelers can enjoy snorkeling, trekking and birdwatching in Manokwari. We provide tours to visitors who want to watch birds of paradise in Arfak mountains while they enjoy their surfing trips in Manokwari.
Where is Manokwari?
Manokwari is the capital of West Papua province in the Republic of Indonesia. It has a lot of tourist attractions ranging from snorkeling, wave surfing, trekking, camping and birdwatching.

How to get there?
Well, it is not difficult to go to Manokwari. First, you need to fly from your country to Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia). After that you can take a regular domestic flight served by Express Air, Lion Air or Sriwijaya Air to Manokwari.
We can arrange an affordable accommodation you. We can help budget travelers find a place to sleep at one of the houses of local villagers. We can also book rooms in a hotel that is not too far from the surfing sites.
If you are interested in surfing in Manokwari, please, contact
Salo by e-mail to: abasiklubsurfing@gmail.com.

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