Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013

Surfing before Sunset

Surfers who ride the barrel waves of Cape Bakaro during sunset hours will have to smartly adjust their take off position while facing the sunlight. For photographers, taking pictures of their friends riding surfboards at sea can be fun because of the contrast colors which they will get. But for the surfers, it is a daring moment. So, Cape Bakaro is not for beginners. The recommended site for them is the nearby Abasi beach. The person on the following photograph is Hayato Maki, who visited Manokwari early this month. He is an experienced surfer who came from Japan. I took this picture of him using a compact point and shoot camera, Nikon Coolpix P500 that was powered with telephoto lens. Today, Nikon has released a better and more powerful photographic device for budget travelers, i.e. the Nikon COOLPIX P520. The 18 megapixel digital camera is powered with 42x optical zoom (lens focal length is equivalent to 24 - 1,000 mm lens in 35 mm format). Taking pictures of surfers who ride barrel waves at sea can easily be done in sports mode.

There are always waves at Abasi beach and Cape Bakaro all year round. These sites are relatively unknown to most of the surfers around the world. Some native Papuan youth who live in Abasi beach are willing to share their beach with any guests from any corners of the globe. Contact Salo Rumadas, the sponsor of Abasi Klub Surfing by email: if you plan to visit Manokwari city.

Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Surfing and Snorkeling at Abasi beach

by Charles Roring
I have written several articles about surfing at Abasi beach in this blog. As a matter of fact it is not only wave surfing that visitors can enjoy but also fishing and snorkeling. The coral reef below the surface of the water is still in very good condition. Tourists who cannot surf will find that snorkeling in Abasi is fun. There are a lot of species of fish that can be seen.
This afternoon, I went snorkeling in a place where there are no waves. I brought with me a new camera - Canon Powershot G1X. When I reached a depth of approximately 2 to 3 meters, I saw staghorn and table corals. Butterfly fish, striped surgeonfish and convict surgeonfish also thrive in the reefs. When I was in the water, there were so many children around me. I could not easily take pictures of the fish and reefs. Perhaps the fish moved away from me because of our too many movements in the water.

After spending around half an hour snorkeling and trying to take some underwater pictures, my friend came. His name was Henoch Marien. He was a wavesurfer who accompanied some guests from SurfExplore team early this month. I decided to give the camera to Henoch who is also called Olof. Before that I had to give him some explanation on how to use the digital camera. Henoch was very excited when receiving the camera. He swam into a deeper water and dived to the bottom of the sea. I was amazed to see that he could stay underwater for quite long and remain calm. He took a lot of pictures that I thought impossible to be taken without wearing a diving gear. He reached a depth of around 6 to 10 meters and shot a schooling fish of convict surgeonfish, bannerfish, damselfish. He took the picture without using flash. Yet, the quality of the photographs was excellent. At around 4 p.m. I told him that we should return to the beach because I was tired.
We took a rest for a while at a hut that was built for surfers to watch the waves. We discussed about the promotion of Abasi beach not only as a surfing destination but also as a snorkeling one. He agreed with my opinion.
He still went to the sea again with his surfboard. I tested the digital camera again. This time was for distant subject. Unfortunately, Canon Powershot only had 4x optical zoom. Combined with digital zoom, the magnification could reach 16x. I helld the camera firmly while aiming it at him. The following photograph is the result that I got when I pressed the video button. I had to open the video in my computer and pressed the print screen button to capture the moment. Then I cropped unnecessary frames and save the photograph as a jpg file using Adobe Photoshop software.
I, Salo, and the native Papuan villagers in Abasi beach want to develop this beach as a destination for responsible tourism - a scheme will bring improvements to the standard of living of the local people and at the same time preserve the coral reef and the surrounding marine environment from dynamite fishing. Surfers and snorkelers will be served by the villagers during their tour in Manokwari.
Manokwari is the capital of West Papua province. It is a famous gate for birdwathers and nature lovers who want to go trekking in Arfak mountains. Most of them go there to watch birds of paradise. The introduction of Abasi beach as surfing and snorkeling sites are still a new thing to most of the visitors. We hope that more tourists will visit Abasi in the near future.
If you are interested in taking a snorkeling or wave surfing trip in Manokwari, please, contact us by email to We will be happy to give detailed information about eco-tourism in Manokwari, arrange your trip and provide guiding services.

Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

Happy Easter from Surfers of Abasi Beach

This is spring time in Europe, Japan, China and North America. We want to share our hope, love and joyful living with all of you who celebrate Easter.
These children started surfing with wooden boards which their mothers used for washing clothes. Now they surf with international visitors coming from all corners of the globe. 

Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Surfing Vacation in Cape Bakaro

For some adventurous surfers, Cape Bakaro is the name of a place in West Papua which they really need to see. Located just 20 minutes by motorized vehicles from the downtown, Cape Bakaro is a must see place for experienced surfers. The waves here are always big all year round. The contour of sea bed and the flow of water that goes in and out of Dorey bay always deliver big swells to the cape.

Some surfers from SurfExplore team spent two weeks riding the waves of Manokwari coastal area between February and March 2013. When they arrived at the cape, they said that it is only for intermediate to advanced surfers. For beginning surf learners, the nearby Abasi beach or other coastal areas in the north and south of Manokwari city are highly recommended.
The best time to enjoy surfing is in the mornings when there is only light or no wind. Barrel waves that are formed by the swells will lift the surfers taking off with their surfboards. The internet connection is available in the area enabling surf enthusiasts to check swell forecast for the next morning.
There are hotels in Manokwari that tourists can choose for staying. Surfers can also stay at the villagers' houses in Abasi beach.
Abasi Klub Surfing
Abasi Klub Surfing is a small club that is now trying to promote surfing as a healthy sport in Manokwari. Members of the club will be happy to help you while traveling in Manokwari. Before you come, please contact

Surfing Spot for Beginners

There are a lot of beaches in Indonesia that are suitable for beginning surfers. One of them is Abasi. It is located in Manokwari city - the capital of West Papua province. Every day we can see children and young adults swim and learn how to ride surfboards. The beach is also suitable for experienced surfers who want a spot that is not too crowded. There are not many tourists in Abasi beach. If you visit Manokwari and surf at this beach, you will meet a few Papuan boys and girls who are good enough in surfing. If you are a beginner, you can learn surfing from our local surfing guides who know well about the waters in Abasi.

How to get to Abasi beach of Manokwari?

  • Look at the above picture of Google Earth map. Manokwari city is located in West Papua.
  • It is not difficult to reach Abasi beach. Just fly from your country to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. 
  • Then, take a domestic flight from the city to Manokwari. We will meet you at the airport and bring you to Abasi beach. We can also arrange your accommodation, transportation and guide while you travel in Manokwari. 
Please, contact us before you come. Here is our email:

Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Wave Surfing Club in Manokwari

Abasi Klub Surfing is the first and the only surfing club in Manokwari city of West Papua at the moment. Most of its surfers are Papuan youth who are trying to introduce surfing as a healthy sport to the city dwellers. The club also tries to promote Abasi beach, Cape Bakaro and the north coast of Manokwari as surfing destination for international visitors. Abasi Klub Surfing plans to hire experienced surfing instructors to give a 3-month course for members of the club so that they can improve their skills and techniques. The course will be conducted at Abasi beach and Cape Bakaro. 
Phil Goodrich - a surfing artist was riding the waves at Abasi beach

Brazilian surfer, Alberto Castro, was surfing at Abasi beach of Manokwari

Papuan boys at Abasi beach
Although only young adults are allowed to participate in the course, teen boys and girls age 11 to 16 are allowed to see the whole lessons. Most teenagers in Abasi can ride their boards on waves up to 2 meters. Such waves can be scary to most city dwellers but they are seen as a perfect time for the boys and girls to ride their boards. 
Early this month, members of Abasi Klub Surfing was proud to receive members of SurfExplore team who visited Manokwari. They spent two weeks surfing along the north coast of Manokwari. The presence of SurfExplore team in Manokwari encourages Papuan young boys to learn new things related to surfing and marine environment. Personnel of the SurfExplore shared their knowledge and experiences while staying in Abasi beach. Abasi Klub Surfing hopes that it can meet the SurfExplore team again in the future. 
Surfers who want to visit Manokwari can contact us by email to

Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Surfing in West Papua

by Charles Roring
Last week a group of international surfers from 4 countries went surfing at Pinto Angin in Cape Bakaro of Manokwari city. This is one of the best surfing sites in Manokwari for experienced surfers. These surfers were from SurfExplore team. They have been exploring sites in West Papua that are suitable for surfing. They consider Cape Bakaro - just 30 minutes from the downtown as a recommended place for world class surfers.
Manokwari is relatively an unknown destination for surfers. The presence of SurfExplore team will boost its position as an alternative site for adventure travelers beside the long established surf sites in Kuta Bali and Mentawai, in Western Coast of Sumatra island. The following photograph shows Hayato Maki, a Japanese surfer, who has got lots of global experience, riding the big waves of Pinto Angin in Cape Bakaro.
Hayato Maki was surfing at at Pinto Angin of Manokwari city
The nearby Abasi beach is considered as a site with waves moving to the left. Coral reef just behind the waves of Abasi beach is still in pristine condition. Surfers and other beach goers can go snorkeling by outrigger canoes that are paddled by local Papuan boys. Various species of fish such as the butterfly fish and surgeon fish live in the waters of Abasi beach.
There are a lot of surf spots in Manokwari that you can explore with members of the club. Please, contact us by e-mail to if you plan to go surfing in Manokwari of West Papua

Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

Surfing at Cape Bakaro of Manokwari

The Cape Bakaro in Manokwari city of West Papua is a recommended destination for surfers. The waves there are high all year round. Last week a team of international surfers went surfing in the afternoon. They were accompanied by members of It was around 5 p.m. when Hayato, Beto and Phil were riding the waves.
One of our club members, Olof, also went into the sea but he had to return to the beach again after his rope was broken.
Cape Bakaro is also called Pintu Angin (or Wind Gate) by the nearby villagers. It has been considered as the best spot in Manokwari only for experienced surfers due to its wave heights. Surfers need to bring their own boards when traveling to Manokwari.
Manokwari regency has got a long coast line its north and south east coasts facing the Pacific Ocean. Wavesurfers who plan to visit Manokwari for surfing can contact Salo Rumadas (email: She can provide further information about surfing and other activities that visitors can enjoy while traveling in Manokwari.

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