Minggu, 14 September 2014

Wave Surfing Lessons for Beginners

Wave surfing is sport for those who love the sea. Abasi Surf Club provides surf lesson for beginners during October, November, December, January, February and March every year.

This basic surf lessons lasts from 3 days, 1 week and up to 2 weeks. The course will be conducted at surf spots that are safe for beginners. Experienced surfers such as Theo, Jake, Henoch, Aaron and Rigel will be the instructors.
There are no specific requirements but course participants have to be able to swim.
If you are interested in taking surf lessons in Manokwari city, please, contact us by email to: abasiklubsurfing@gmail.com

Kamis, 11 September 2014

Waterski Lesson in Manokwari City

Theo and Rigel were "taking off" the water leaving behind them the Ottow Geissler Cross Monument of Mansinam island. They were towed by a speedboat. The boat driver that afternoon was Henoch Marien. All of them were members of Abasi Surfing. When it was not a surfing season, Abasi Surf Club provided waterski as an alternative water sport for tourists. Anyone who is interested in taking a waterski lesson needs to have basic wave surfing skills such as maintaining balance when standing on surfboard stand and being able to surf on the waves. Surfers from Abasi Club can teach these skills too.
The best time to enjoy wave surfing at Abasi Beach is between December and March. During these months they will be at sea teaching surf lessons to beginners or guiding experienced surfers who come from all corners of the earth.
If you plan to have a surfing trip Manokwari in December, January, February, March and early April, please, contact us by email to: abasiklubsurfing@gmail.com.

Rabu, 10 September 2014

Water Ski in Manokwari

August and September are still not the favorable months for surfers in Manokwari. My friend Theo was a little bit poetic when he wrote the following lines on the wall of his facebook:
No beer no problem
No woman no problem
No condom no problem
He got a lot of comments from his friends for "this short poetry." No doubt, we needed a solution for this "wave crisis."

A rope and a short wooden stick as a handle are the answer. That afternoon, Theo was able to stand on his board again crossing the waters between Mansinam island and Kwawi beach pulled by a speed boat. Boys from Abasi Surf Club are getting busy at sea again.

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