Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

World Class Surfers in Manokwari

by Charles Roring
As the sun approached the west, some surfers swam to the sea. Today the weather was a little bit better than the previous days. There were not many people at the beach because it was Wednesday - the usual working day for dwellers of Manokwari city. I saw 4 people floating with their boards in the middle of big swells. It was the most dangerous place in Manokwari where wave height could reach six meters or even more. But for those world class wave surfers that was the best place to "ride" their boards. 
One of them was Hayato Maki. He made swift top turn several times avoiding the breaking swell. Some women screamed when they saw the surfers were swallowed by the waves. Seconds later, they emerged again still challenging the next swells. 
It was a great show. Members of Abasi Klub Surfing have been accompanying these surfers for days trying to put Manokwari into the map of international surfers as a must see destination. Papuan children who were watching them say that they learn a lot of new techniques from these professional surfers. We really hope that more visitors will come to Manokwari after the trip of these surfers. If you are interested in traveling to Manokwari to enjoy wave surfing, please, contact Salo by email to abasiklubsurfing@gmail.com. 

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